Presentations are 45-60 minutes long. They include a PowerPoint presentation along with viewing of items related to the presentation.

Presentations fees are $300 plus travel and accommodation expenses when necessary.

I have my own Zoom account we can use for virtual presentations for groups less than 100. For groups over 100 members the guild can host the meeting or the presentation can be upgraded to 300 members for an additional $150. Contact me to talk about the options for groups over 100 members.

Memory Quilts Presentation

How do we create a quilt from all the memories we have. Discover the different ways to keep your memories alive in quilts and other sewn items.

Crazy Quilting Presentation

Crazy quilting is a creative way to take patches of material, sew them to a foundation fabric, and embroider and embellish the patches to make beautiful and unique quilts. Whether made in the 1800’s or today, the process of making a crazy quilt is very similar. Learn the history of crazy quilting and what it is like today.

Coloring Fabric Presentation

You need a certain color of fabric for your current project and you just can’t find it. There are different ways to create that perfect fabric you need. Let’s explore the many ways to get color on your fabric.

Sashiko and Hands on Demo

Learn the history of the Japanese stitch Sashiko and how it’s used. We’ll also talk about Boro – another Japanese stitch used in mending. Plus learn what’s the difference between Sashiko and Boro.

For in-person presentation there is an additional kit fee for the coaster of $3.00 per kit which includes fabric, batting, pattern, sashiko thread and needle.

For the virtual presentation there will be a supply list sent to the group so members can gather the supplies prior to the meeting. A live demo will be part of the presentation and members can learn how to stitch a simple Sashiko design.